What is hybrid weed?

Cannabis plants are typically categorized as one of two main types, sativa or indica. Back in the 60’s before cannabis breeding had become so popular hybrid weed didn't even exist, everything that was smoked was a landrace sativa or indica. However, since then breeders have collected different strains from across the globe and crossed the two genetic varieties to combine...
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What are cannabis landraces & where do landrace strains come from

Back in the 60’s and 70’s there was nowhere near as many varieties of weed as there is today, everybody was smoking landrace strains, however it was just simply known as pot to most of us. In the US people smoked mostly sativa strains that were just named after where they grew, for example Thai from Thailand and Mexican Haze...
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The best purple weed strains and how to enhance their color

Everybody loves a good looking purple bud. But why is some weed purple? And how can you enhance this purple gene? In this article we aim to answer these questions so that you can grow some awesome purple dank at home! Why is some weed purple? Purple weed is purple simply because of the plant's genetics. You may have heard...
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5 Tips For Growing High Yielding Strains

Choose a high yielding strain to grow with It may seem obvious but this is the main defining factor to how big your plants will be. All cannabis strains are different and they are limited by their genetics on how big they can grow. Choose a high yielding strain such as Big Bud or Critical and you will undoubtedly produce...
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Growing cannabis organic

What is meant by Organic? Organic refers to any substance containing carbon-based compounds, especially one derived from living organisms. Therefore, growing cannabis organic is a process whereby everything that is used is completely natural. From nutrients, to fertilizer everything needs to be completely devoid of external chemicals and synesthetic pesticides. Organic products are growing in popularity within society due to...
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Cold weather weed strains and how to grow them

Cannabis grows best when the plants receive plenty of warmth and sunshine. That said, there are cold weather weed strains that will tolerate low temperatures and with knowledge of suitable plant types and careful planning there’s no reason why cannabis can’t be grown in Northern climes, either indoor or outside. Indoor v Outdoor Both have their advantages. Outdoor growing benefits...
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The health benefits of medical marijuana

Cannabis is most widely known for the psychoactive effects it has on users. Cannabis is comprised of hundreds of compounds, with the best known active chemicals being cannabidiol ( CBD) and D9-tetrehydrocannabinoil (THC). These cannabinoids react with the endocannabinoid system found within the body, causing effects on the body and mind. THC is the main psychoactive ingredient found within cannabis...
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Can CBD help with Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic, which surfaced just under a year ago, and turned the world upside down, is still present today. Despite the emergence of preventative measures including national lockdowns, masks and lifestyle restrictions, thousands of individuals continue to catch COVID-19 daily. People continue to be infected with COVID-19 and suffer symptoms ranging from flu-like symptoms, to severe lung damage and...
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Understanding CBD side effects

What is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of two active chemicals found in Cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not contain the ingredient, which produces the ‘high’. CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, and is instead known for its therapeutic affects. The therapeutic effect CBD has on users has led to a growth in its popularity within mainstream society....
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How to train your plant using Low stress training, fimming, topping and SOG

When left to grow in nature, most cannabis plants will take the shape of a long and thin Christmas tree with one main large flowering bud along the centre stem at the top of the plant. It is natural for the plant to reach as high as possible to compete with neighbouring plants for sunlight. The plant will prioritise growth...
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