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growing high yielding strains SCROG

Choose a high yielding strain to grow with

It may seem obvious but this is the main defining factor to how big your plants will be. All cannabis strains are different and they are limited by their genetics on how big they can grow. Choose a high yielding strain such as Big Bud or Critical and you will undoubtedly produce more bud. 

Give your plants more light

Its simple the bigger a plant gets the more light it needs to get even bigger. If you are growing a high yielding strain then use more powerful, better quality lights. Light is like food for cannabis plants, without a good source of light they cannot grow bigger. You can increase light intensity by using more lights, better positioning your lights or using better more powerful lights. Do some research into the different types of cannabis lights and which will suit your grow.

Train your plants

Even with the best grow lights if you don’t train your cannabis plants to grow correctly they wont grow as big. Cannabis plants typically grow into a Christmas tree like shape which isn’t the most efficient for absorbing light when you are growing indoors with a fixed light source.  By using plant training techniques such as LST, Fimming and topping you can encourage your plants to grow wider with a flatter canopy. This allows the plant to get more light coverage and can drastically boost yields.

Choose the right pots

Choosing the right pots to grow cannabis has a big impact on the plants overall size and health. Put simply if you choose a pot that is too small and the plant becomes root bound it will not grow any bigger. High yielding strains need plenty of room to grow so do some research into the strain you are growing and work out how big your pot needs to be. You also need to consider drainage when choosing a pot, using pots such as smart pots can make things a lot easier by aiding drainage. 

Control your grow room climate

Cannabis plants are not like ordinary house plants so if you are growing them indoors you need to try and replicate their natural habitat as much as possible. You can do this by monitoring and controlling the temperature and humidity of the grow room using an all in one humidity thermometer. Cannabis plants need to be kept at an optimal temperature of 20 – 30°C (70 – 85°F) you can control temperature with heaters and air conditioning units. Alternatively a more cost effective way to do this is to keep your lights on at night during the coolest portion of the day and off during the day during the hottest portion of the day. If you are growing indoors during the summer months this will help to regulate the temperature and avoid over or under heating.

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