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Welcome to Marijuana Seed City

At Marijuana Seed City we aim to be your one stop shop for all marijuana seeds. Feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, regular seeds and fast flowering seeds, you name it we’ve got it.

We stand behind our products and are so confident in our high quality, fast germinating, stable genetics, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee to each and every customer.


Growing Guide

Whether you’re a complete novice or a green fingered expert our guide written by the expert team of growers that breed our seeds is the best place to learn the art of growing marijuana.

From seed to harvest we’ve got everything covered, so why not learn to lollipop, FIM and top your way to bigger and better yields.



At Marijuana Seed City we stock a selection of some of the best legal cannabis seeds in the world. We have cultivated and refined our genetic lines for over ten years to provide you with the best of the best.

Our founder Joe created MSC in 2019. With over 10 years of experience working for some of the big marijuana seed banks, it became clear that many provided sub par service, along with poor quality stock. Born out of the the frustration of this Joe set out to create a brand with the core aim, ‘to produce the best quality legal cannabis seeds in the world and provide excellent customer service’.

Unlike most other seed banks we have a team of dedicated growers that produce our stock in the Netherlands. Our stock is batch tested to ensure it is of the highest quality and we selectively breed with only the most stable strains to produce the very best cannabis seeds. If we are not satisfied with the quality of any plant, we don’t use it, its that simple.

For us at MSC we don’t spend thousands on marketing because we don’t need to, we believe that word of mouth is the best marketing tool out there. And we are so confident in our brand that we are relying on customers to spread the word.


What is a feminized seed?

Feminized seeds are a type of cannabis seed that has undergone a feminization process during cultivation that ensures that the seed will only produce a female cannabis plants. This is done by either spraying a plant with colloidal silver or through the process of rodelization.

It is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of a male plant growing, however by using feminized seeds the risk is greatly reduced.

You can read more about the process of producing feminized seeds here. At MSC our feminization rate is 1:1000 which means that 99.99% of our feminized seeds will produce a female plant.

What are autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a type of seed that contains the ruderalis genetics. Ruderalis plants are a variety of cannabis that is native to the cold regions of Siberia, Russia, Asia and Central/Eastern Europe.

What makes this type of cannabis plant unique is its ability to flower regardless of how many hours of light it gets. Unlike ordinary plants, that only begin flowering when summer is coming to an end, (or for indoor growers when you flip the lights to 12/12) autoflowers can grow right the way through under anything from 18-24 hours of light and will automatically begin flowering 3-5 weeks into the vegetative stage.

Because of this autoflowering plants are smaller than standard photoperiods, however you can grow autoflowers from seed to harvest in as little as nine weeks. Ideal for any growers in a hurry or if you are limited on grow space.

All of our autoflower seeds are also feminized so you wont have to worry about any male plants ruining your crop.

What are regular seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that have not gone through any feminization process and have been grown as nature intended. This means that when you plant a regular seed it could grow into a male or female cannabis plant.

There is approximately a 50:50 male to female ratio if you grow with regular seeds. Therefore it is important first to ensure you know how to spot the early signs of male plants. It is for this reason that it may be advisible for any novice growers to use feminized or autoflowering seeds to begin with.

The main benefits to growing with regular marijuana seeds are:

  • You can breed with regular cannabis seeds.
  • They are around half the cost of feminized or autoflower seeds.

What type of cannabis seeds should I buy?

As a first time grower the myriad of different exotic weed seeds from indica, sativa, autoflower and hybrids can seem a little daunting. However, it really doesn’t have to be confusing, to keep things simple it is recommended as a beginner to stick with either autofowering seeds or an easy to grow feminized seed.

From these selections use our filters to choose your desired effect. For example, if you want an uplifting high, choose a sativa whereas if you want a strain that will help you to sleep, choose an indica.

How to start growing marijuana plants

Cannabis seeds are very delicate, especially during the seedling stage. There are many different methods to germinate your seeds, however to improve success rates we strongly advise using our guide how how to germinate your cannabis seeds.

Once you are past the seedling stage you can start learning how to water your plants, and what the best training methods are to achieve optimum yields. Using methods such as LST, Scrog, mainlining or lollipopping are all techniques that will help to add bulk to your yield.

Why should I grow cannabis from seed?

Buying cannabis from dispensaries can be incredibly expensive, choice is limited and you never really know how much care went into growing it. When you grow your own cannabis at home, you get control over the entire process from choosing your soil to when you cut the plants down. This means you can grow 100% organically, producing weed that you know is high quality, pesticide and chemical free.

Price wise growing your own cannabis is a no-brainer. One feminized seed costing as little as $5 could produce up to 500 grams of weed if grown outdoors in optimal conditions, or an average sized indoor grow could produce 150 grams per plant. Just have a think about how much this would cost from a dispensary?

Growing weed at home also gives you a great sense of satisfaction and for many people the growing part itself is enjoyed as much as smoking it. At MSC we stock over 100 different cannabis varieties including regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds for both recreational and medical growers.

Are cannabis seeds legal where I live?

More and more countries are legalising the cultivation and consumption of cannabis each year, Thailand being the most recent. However, in some countries such as the UK the laws on cannabis seeds are slightly less clear. It is legal to purchase cannabis seeds, providing you do not attempt to grow them. These days simply owning cannabis seeds is illegal in very few countries, however, we advise all customers to check the legal status of cannabis seeds in their own country before making a purchase.

How many marijuana seeds should I buy?

We sell seeds in packs of 5 or 10, it really does depend on how big your grow space is, how many seeds you buy. However, cannabis seeds can be stored and kept fresh for long periods at a time.

Ideally you should first work out exactly where you want to grow your cannabis seeds and measure the space. Next are you growing with autoflowers or feminized seeds?

This is how many plants the average grower will fit into a square meter grow space:

Autoflowers = 9 plants per square meter

Feminized = 4 plants per square meter

This is only an indication and can vary massively based on the genetics, pot size, how you train them, light quality and what soil and nutrients you use.