Afgoo Feminized Seeds

Representing the old school strains is Afgoo, a classic indica dominant strain with impressive potency. Also known as Afgooey or Afghani Goo, this hybrid hit hard, and the effects last for a long time. Since it was bred in the ’80s, this super marijuana strain has built a stellar reputation for itself, becoming one of the most sought-after hybrids of all time.


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Afgoo seeds information

Afgoo’s parents are the highly coveted and legendary Maui Haze and Afghani strains. Although old school strains are known to have low THC levels, Afgoo is one of the few that dismiss this narrative. With THC levels around 18%-20% and CBD of 0.4%, this strain is not to be taken lightly. If taken in high quantities, it can easily overwhelm the consumer.

Smoking Afgoo weed


The flavor is as organic as its scent and takes its time before leaving the palate. Immediately after the first or second toke, a sudden wave of relaxation and happiness hits. Afgoo is an excellent strain to take in the evening or at night after a long day. Expect some sleepiness and sedation, which might escalate to couch-lock and heavy sedation in high doses. The strain can be used in the treatment of conditions such as stress, fatigue, and pain.

Taste and aroma

As it is being broken down, the strain emits a strong earthy and herbal scent with some sweet and woody undertones. Afgoo is not a discreet strain due to its captivating and robust aroma.

Growing Afgoo seeds

The strain can be grown indoors or outdoors but thrives in an open environment where ventilation is guaranteed. Afgoo is a hardy strain characterized by dark green leaves and fiery orange hairs.

An indica dominant strain that has two prominent landrace parent strains,  Maui Haze and Afghan. Afgoo is an incredibly robust and stable plant. 80% indice she stays short and busy with big fat fan leaves covering its foliage.

Thanks to its short dense structure Afgoo is an ideal strain to be grown indoors or outdoors but its low height makes it great if you are restricted by space. It responds well to HST and LST training methods, using LST during the vegetative stage will ensure you have a more bud sites. While using HST methods such as lightly pruning and removing lower down fan leaves during the early flowering stages will divert as much energy as possible to producing those big fat buds.

The crystalline trichomes surrounding it makes it quite sticky and hard to break down by hand (you will need the help of a commercial or homemade grinder).

Additional information

THC content



400-500 g/sm

Flowering time

8-10 weeks


Medium: 100-180 cm




Euphoric, Energetic


Citrus, Earthy, Woody



Strain type


Pack(s) of

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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