Aurora Indica Feminized Seeds

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If you want a strong easy to grow indica then Aurora Indica seeds are a great choice. With THC tests coming in at up to 22% it is one of the most powerful and pure indicas out there.

Each pack contains 5 seeds.

Aurora Indica seeds information

Named after the mesmerising aurora borealis (the northern lights) Aurora Indica is said to be equally mesmerising and relaxing, hitting users with a heavy indica high.

Known for its heavy indica high and its generous THC content, the strain was produced in the Netherlands in the mid 90’s. Thanks to its high resin production the strain is an excellent choice to produce hash. 

Smoking Aurora Indica weed


With little to no CBD but a high amount of THC Aurora Indica provides a good amount of psychoactive effects. Although being a heavily indica dominant strain it has been known to cause the couch lock effect. 

The strain is also excellent for anyone suffering with Insomnia or any sleep disorders. One smoke of Aurora Indica before bed and you will surely be in a deep sleep within an hour.

Taste and aroma

Not only is Aurora Indica a treat for your taste buds but it is also an incredibly smooth smoke. Upon the first inhale you will experience a taste of coffee with a light fruity aftertaste. 

Its aroma is a very distinct citrus smell with a hint of skunk. Be careful if you are using Aurora Indica for your stealth grow, because the strain has a very strong smell. Be sure to use a good quality extractor fan if you are growing indoors.

Growing Aurora Indica weed

A typical indica plant Aurora Indica stays short and squat between 60 – 120cm tall growing into a traditional Christmas tree style shape. 

The buds are solid and dense, you will notice how deceptively weighty they are when you finally harvest the plant. Thanks to its compact shape Aurora Indica is not too space intensive yet still produces relatively big yields making it a great strain for cash croppers who are easily able to grow the strain indoors.

Visually the plant has a dense foliage of fat fan leaves with bold sea green buds and bright orange pistols. Surrounding the buds are tiny curling sugar leaves, all coated in a layer of crystalline trichomes.

Aurora Indica seeds are reasonably easy to grow well both indoors and outdoors making it a perfect strain for new growers to try their hand at. The plant doesn’t get too tall so it is pretty easy to maintain.

Performing best at temperatures of around 70 – 80 degrees, Aurora Indica is relatively easy to grow, but be careful of what time of year that you plant them if you are growing outdoors. The strain also performs best in semi humid conditions. 

Be very careful of excess moisture however, being a dense bushy plant it can be prone to mold, so having good airflow is a must have for any grower.

THC content



400-500 g/sm

Flowering time

8-10 weeks


Short: 60-100 cm




Calming, Couch lock, Head stone, Sleepy


Citrus, Sour, Spicy



Strain type


Pack(s) of

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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