Joe Musgrave

Joe Musgrave

Joe Musgrave is a keen 420 blogger who writes about all things cannabis. After harnessing his green thumbed skills through years of working on cannabis farms, Joe now shares his knowledge with the rest of the online 420 community.

How much weed is in a blunt?

How much weed is in a blunt

A blunt is basically a joint that is wrapped in a tobacco leave leaf that is used to make a cigar. Blunts are usually quite a bit bigger than joints, but how much weed fits inside a blunt? On average,…

Is weed legal in St Lucia?

Is weed legal in St Lucia

St Lucia is a lush, tropical island in the Caribbean north of St Vincent. And while this tropical paradise may be an idyllic holiday destination, is weed legal in St Lucia? The short answer: Not entirely, however, the laws seems…

Is weed legal in Jamaica?

Is weed legal in Jamaica

Given Jamaica’s association with reggae music and Rastafarian culture you might think that weed is legal there, but its not as straight forward as that. The short answer is: Weed is still illegal in Jamaica, however, it is still widely…

Thai Stick Strain Review

Thai Stick Strain Review

Originating from the tropics of Thailand, this potent strain has been at the forefront of cannabis culture for decades. So, what makes it special? Thai Stick boasts a rich history, unique aroma, and unmistakable effects that many enthusiasts swear by.…

How are feminized seeds made?

Ever wonder how all-female cannabis crops are achieved? The secret lies in the wonder of feminized seeds. These seeds are designed to eliminate the guesswork, ensuring nearly 100% female plants. But how does are feminized seeds made? And most importantly…