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Big Bud is an indica dominant strain whose origin can be traced to the 1970s. Since then, it has won several prestigious awards, including the highly coveted Cannabis Cup Awards. As the name hints, this strain is famous for its gigantic buds that are pretty resinous. This feature has made Big Bud a much sought-after strain by consumers and growers alike.


Overview: The exact genetics of this hybrid remains a mystery, although it Is believed to be a product of a three-way cross between Skunk#1, Afghani, and Northern Lights. THC levels range between 15% and 25%, and the maximum CBD content is 0.1% and yields of up to 700 g/sm Big Bud is a cash croppers dream!

Appearance: As mentioned above, Big bud has enormous buds. This can sometimes cause a problem with support, whereby branches break due to the excess weight. It is recommended that growers use strings or wires to facilitate support and healthy growth of the strain. The hybrid thrives in warm, sunny weather and can grow up to 5 feet tall. It takes 5 to 9 weeks of flowering before producing high yields.

When broken down, this strain produces an enticing aroma that is similar to a basket of fruits. It is mouth watering, which explains why many consumers enjoy this particular strain.

Taste and effect: consumers that love sweet strains will find this strain irresistible. It has a sweet and spicy flavor with a fruity aftertaste on the exhale.

Big Bud is a creeper strain, meaning the effects take some time before presenting, but a consumer is likely to get stoned once they do. The cerebral high will keep one euphoric, happy, and positive. Later, a body-centered high takes over and the consumer experiences relaxation, sedation, and sleep. Expect some degree of the munchies when all is over. Big Bud is used in treating pain, sleep problems, stress, and Muscle Spasms.

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THC content



Over 600 g/sm

Flowering time

10-12 weeks


Medium: 100-180 cm




Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed


Earthy, Sweet, Woody



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5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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