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Originating from Indiana and perfected in the Netherlands, the Bubblegum strain is a multiple award-winning strain with an enticing aroma and flavor. The hybrid is used more for recreational purposes than medical reasons due to the low CBD levels. Bubblegum offers a perfect combination of cerebral and body-centered effects that makes it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.



Overview: The Bubblegum strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with THC levels that range from 18% to 21%. The CBD levels are low at 0.1%. Its parent strains remain a mystery up to date, although there are speculations that it could be a result of a cross between Indiana Bubble Gum and an unknown strain.

Appearance: This hybrid can grow to a medium height of up to 160cm. The bright green leaves coupled with the fiery orange pistils and white trichomes are a sight to behold.

The aroma of the bubblegum strain is one of its prominent features. It has a delicious scent that mixes strong candy, sweet, and floral tones with earthy and danky undertones. Most consumers are drawn by this appealing smell which is dominant as the strain is being broken down.

Taste and effect: anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate the, sweet, candy, creamy, and berry-like flavor that this strain possesses. It is truly a real treat to the palate that will keep one wanting more and more.

Bubblegum is the perfect evening strain that keeps consumers creative and euphoric for a while before the sedating and relaxing effects kick in. As the high peaks, couch-lock is guaranteed, and eventually, sleep takes over. Medical cannabis consumers seek this strain for its analgesic, anxiolytic, and antidepressant properties.

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Additional information

THC content



400-500 g/sm

Flowering time

8-10 weeks


Medium: 100-180 cm




Calming, Couch lock, Head stone


Citrus, Fruity, Sweet



Strain type


Pack(s) of

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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