Do Si Dos Autoflower Seeds

Do Si Dos Autoflower is not only one of our most potent auto strains, she also yields up to 600g/m2 which will leave you with plenty of high THC buds to smoke.

A hybrid cross of Girl Scout Cookies x Face off OG, Do Si Dos Auto has a near-perfect lineage and produces all of the amazing characteristics of its parents with very little work making it an ideal strain for beginners.

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Do Si Dos Autoflower seeds

Dos Si Dos is one of the most popular cannabis strains to be released in recent years. Don’t want to wait for your weed, Do Si Dos Autoflower seeds can grow from seed to harvest in as little as nine weeks and the product is just as good as the photoperiod version. An indica dominant strain with THC up to 25% and yields of 500g/m2, what more could you want for your plant?

Smoking Dos Si Dos weed


With THC levels measuring up to 25%, Do Si Dos is a highly potent strain that offers an uplifting high that leads you into a feeling of utter euphoria. Thanks to its indica heritage Dos Si Dos weed is provides users with a sedative like effect making it an ideal strain for those suffering from nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression can find relief in consuming this strain.

Taste and aroma

Do Si Dos Autoflower produces flavours of sugary mints thanks to its limonene and pinene rich terpenes profile. Its lineage, Face Off OG, and Girl Scout Cookies contribute to its flavors and addictive cerebral side effects.

Growing Dos Si Dos seeds

Do Si Dos Autoflower is an incredible cannabis strain as it grows well out and indoors and thanks to its ruderalis lineage it is highly versatile. Able to withstand much cooler temperatures than its photoperiod counterpart, Do Si Dos is a great strain to grow in colder climates.

Short and bushy Do Si Dos auto will grow to around 100cm and produce decent yields of around 500g/m2. Although in order to achieve yields of this size it is advisable to use techniques such as LST or Scrog to optimize light absorption and boost bud production.

She is also a perfect strain to grow using the Sea of Green technique whereby you can fill your grow room with lots of smaller plants using up every square foot of grow space.

Additional information

THC content



500-600 g/sm

Flowering time

6-8 weeks


Short: 60-100 cm




Calming, Sleepy, Uplifting


Earthy, Sweet, Woody



Strain type

Autoflowering, Indica

Pack(s) of

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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