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You’ve put in all the hard work over the last few months and your buds are now ready and glistening with THC crystals almost ready to be smoked, but there is one final step to make sure the bud tastes as smooth as you want and that is drying and curing weed. The proper cannabis curing process takes time and certainly patience, it is important to gradually remove the moisture from the buds in a controlled and fashion to ensure that the buds flavour enhances and its potency increases.

Curing weed step-by-step

Step 1 – Trimming and drying (5 – 10 days)

The moment you cut your plants down the curing process begins, so the first step is cutting down your plants and trimming them, when I do this I use some latex gloves to avoid getting my fingers sticky and snip off the large leaves around the colas leaving the buds attached to the branches with only small leaf parts left on. You then need to leave the buds on the branches hanging upside down to dry for 3-7 days (see image below).

You should check the buds each day to see how they are drying, if you feel areas that are feeling wet or soggy it may be because the environment is too humid or that there is not enough airflow so try using a fan to circulate the air more and possibly a humidifier if you do live in a very humid area. Make sure you do not point the fan directly at the bud so that they do not dry out too quickly.

How do I know when they are dry?

Keep feeling your buds each day, you can tell that they are ready when the outside of the bud is dry to the touch but not brittle, if you are unsure a good measure is to try and bend one of the small stems, if it bends it may need a few more days or hours, if it snaps instead of bending then they are ready to be cured.

Step 2 – Curing weed (4 weeks)

curing weed

Now that your buds are nice and dry its time to cure them, ideally curing weed should take at least 3 -4 weeks, this stage is where you need the most restraint, you may look at the dried bud and think its ready to smoke but to get the smooth taste and to increase potency this step has to be carried out.

To cure your buds first you need to take them off of the stems, they should come of relatively easy, if you have dried them correctly they should pull and snap off of the small stems and the larger stems may bend a little and need cutting. Once you have pulled all of your buds down you can begin putting them inside jars, the ideal environment at this point should be to have the room at around 70 Fahrenheit with the humidity between 60 – 65%. Ideally you should use glass 32 oz mason jars like the ones in the image above, these have a tight seal and are the perfect size, often larger containers or jars can encourage mould to develop. Fill each jar 75% of the way leaving a gap at the top so that the buds can move around slightly.

Burping and curing weed

Part of the curing process involves burping the jars, every 12 – 24 hours you should shake the jar a little to move the bud around and then open the lid and leave it open for 1-2 hours to allow air to get in and the humidity to escape, this process will not only prevent mould but it will also allow the cannaboids to develop and mature giving your bud a better taste and more potency.

This process should continue once or twice a day for 2 weeks. If during the process you notice some buds feel wet to the touch or smell odd you should remove them from the jar and allow them to dry outside for 12 -24 hours to prevent any mould developing.  Once you have been doing this for 1 -2 weeks and the buds are feeling noticeably dryer you can leave the jars closed for a little longer (up to 5 days). You can keep this process going for 3-6 months and the quality of the bud will continue to improve throughout this time. Most of you will not want to wait 3-6 months, so at a bare minimum the curing and burping process should be carried out for at least 3 -4 weeks before the bud is ready to smoke.

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