Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds have been bred with the sole intention to produce female cannabis plants. For any home growers growing with the intention to produce bud, purchasing feminized cannabis seeds is a smart decision because it takes away the worry of male cannabis plants damaging your crop. At MSC we have worked hard to produce the highest quality feminized seeds on the market with a 99.9% guarantee that they will produce a female plant. We stock a wide range of feminized seeds from high THC seeds to low THC medical strains so there is a strain for everyone.

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Since the early 90’s when feminized seeds were first introduced the stability and quality of the seeds has come on a long way. Our breeding team now produce over xxx different varieties of feminized cannabis seeds so there is a strain to suit everyone.

Prior to the introduction of feminized marijuana seeds, growers would have to keep a close eye on their grow and pull out any male plants to prevent pollination.

What are feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that have had the male chromosome taken out so that they are only able to produce female cannabis plants.

They are made through a process whereby plants are sprayed with colloidal silver. The silver ions in the spray induce feminized pollen by inhibiting the ethylene production which is required to produce female flowers.

Feminized vs regular seeds – What is the benefit?

Regular cannabis seeds produce an average ratio of 50:50 male to female plants. This can cause problems for anyone growing cannabis with the sole intention of producing lots of smokable bud.

If you were to grow ten regular seeds, it is likely that you would produce around five male plants and five female plants. Female plants produce flowers or what we call bud, whereas male plants produce pollen that forms in small sacks.

If the intention was to grow female plants you would need to separate the male and female plants, typically culling the male plants before they are given the chance to pollinate the rest of your crop. Once pollinated any bud would then start to produce seeds inside it, effectively ruining the entire crop by making the weed unusable.

Regular seeds on the other hand are great for anyone looking to breed or with the intention to produce their own cannabis strains.

Feminized seeds vs Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowers, also referred to as ruderalis, are strains that are native to regions of Asia, Siberia, Eastern Europe and Russia. Typically ruderalis grows in colder mountainous regions where there is less daylight. Because of this, the plant has adapted to flower regardless of the number of hours in the day, hence why it adopted the name ‘autoflower’.

What is a photoperiod strain? Photoperiods are cannabis strains that have two main phases of their life cycle, the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. Photoperiod strains differ from autoflowers in that they do require a change in their light cycle to trigger the flowering stage to begin. This is why if you are cultivating photoperiods two different light cycles are required, one of 18/6 during the vegetative stage and one of 12/12 during the flowering stage.

Although this may seem confusing most autoflowers are also feminized as well and only produce female plants. However autoflowers are categorized as autoflowers simply to separate them from ordinary photoperiod strains.

Buy feminized seeds in the USA and worldwide

At Marijuana Seed City we stock the best feminized seeds grown with love and care in our facilities in the Netherlands. All of our stock is fresh and we only breed with the highest quality produce to ensure that we have the best genetics so for your next grow why not buy feminized seeds from us?

At MSC we ship the best feminized seeds worldwide including the US, all orders are shipped with the utmost discretion using industry standard stealth methods to ensure you get your seeds safe and on time. Our customer service team is on hand to deal with any of your queries, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.