At MSC we like to be generous to our customers and that’s why we are giving away more free marijuana seeds than any other online cannabis seed bank. With every single order over £50 our customers will get at least 5 free seeds send with their order. Spend over £100 and we will double that offer giving you 10 free marijuana seeds. The free seeds will be automatically add to your shopping basket as you place the order, you will see a gift icon in your basket with the description of which free strain you have been given. Here is how to get your hands on our free seeds:

gorilla glue autoflower seeds

Our current free marijuana seed promo

5 FREE Gorilla Glue Seeds + 5 Big Bud Seeds

Spend over £100 GBP: Get 5 Big Bud Feminized and 5 Gorilla Glue Feminized FREE with your order!

Spend a little more and get your hands on one of the most sought after cannabis strains in the world. Retailing at £40 for 5 these free marijuana seeds will be yours if you spend over £100 at MSC. Gorilla Glue is a highly potent cannabis strain with THC levels exceeding 30% and yields over 500g/m2. You will produce enough weed from 5 seeds to get the whole town high!

big bud auto seeds

5 FREE Big Bud Seeds

Spend over £50 GBP: Get 5 Big Bud Feminized FREE with your order!

Retailing at £32.50 our Big Bud is the highest yielding strain you are likely to grow. Yielding up to 600g/m2 your 5 free seeds will produce enough weed to last you and your friends until next season.

Free Seeds FAQ’s

Are your free seeds feminized?

Yes all of our free cannabis seeds will be feminized seeds. After all we don’t want to ruin your crop with an accidental male plant do we!

Are your free marijuana seeds good quality?

The free seeds we giveaway are exactly the same stock as the seeds we sell therefore the quality is just as good. We never giveaway old stock because we simply don’t hold stock for more then a few months at a time.

How do I get free marijuana seeds?

Simply spend over £50 and 5 free feminized seeds will be add to your basket. Spend over £100 and another 5 will be add to your basket. These are then shipped with your order.

My free seeds were not add to my basket?

If your free seeds were not add to your basket automatically….
– Is your order over £50? In order to get any free seeds you must spend over £50.
– If your order is over £50 and they have not been add please contact us and we will make sure this is rectified.
– If your order has already been shipped don’t worry we will have add them to your order for you.