Glueberry Auto

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If you are looking for a strain that delivers massive yields at a shorter period, then look no further. Glueberry Auto is a 50/50 Hybrid offers all that plus a hard-hitting high and a diverse flavor profile. 



Overview:  Glueberry Auto is the overachieving child of the renowned Gorilla Glue #4, the multiple award-winning Blueberry, and an unknown Ruderalis strain. THC levels range between 20% and 22%, making this strain quite a potent strain that consumers need to take in moderation.

Appearance: This hybrid is extremely hardy and can thrive indoors or in an open environment. However, when grown indoors, a grower will need to implement training techniques to curb its massive size, especially if the growing space is limited. Glueberry Auto takes 8 to 10 weeks from seed to maturity and produces over 600 grams/m².

The plant is tall and bushy, and the leaves inherit both Indica and Sativa characteristics; they are big, broad, and have a light green color. The entire bud is frosty and is surrounded by orange hairs and purple hints. Glueberry Auto is quite an appealing strain.

The sweet blueberry aroma is coupled with hints of fruits, skunk, and diesel notes.

Taste and Effect: This strain offers consumers a fruity and blueberry flavor with dank diesel notes.

Sativa’s cerebral effects present immediately after the first puff causing euphoria, energy-spike, and uplifted feelings. It de-stresses the consumer, leaving them clear-minded and positive. The head high lasts for hours before one experiences a full body melt. The sedating effects are quite strong and may lead to sleep.

Glueberry Auto is an excellent choice for anyone looking to manage pain, insomnia, fatigue, stress, and depression.

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Glueberry Auto seeds are available in packs of 5, 10, 50 and 100.

Additional information

THC content



400-500 g/sm

Flowering time

8-10 weeks


Short: 60-100 cm




Euphoric, Calming, Uplifting


Diesel, Fruity



Strain type

Autoflowering, Indica

Pack(s) of

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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