Gorilla Glue 4 Feminized Seeds

The original Gorilla Glue 4 strain is an incredibly high THC strain having been recorded at over 28% THC. The strain got its name because its buds were so sticky that when it was trimmed the resin stuck the scissors together much like the powerful super glue brand.

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Gorilla Glue 4 seeds information

Gorilla Glue 4 is an incredibly potent hybrid and is arguably the strongest cannabis strain on the planet, having been recorded at a knockout 28% THC. Created by a chance cross of Chem Sista, Sour Dub and Chocolate Diesel the Gorilla Glue 4 strain is a potent 50/50 hybrid that first burst onto the cannabis scene in 2016. Its buds are thick and filled with resin that will become even more noticeable when it is time to trim, your fingers will be covered with the sticky glue-like substance that is almost pure THC making it a great strain to make oils and hash with.

The Gorilla Glue 4 strain takes many of its attributes from the powerful parent strain Chocolate Diesel and grows well outdoors in warm environments. Gorilla Glue seeds are relatively easy to germinate and grow, however this highly potent strain may be too strong for some novice smokers!

Smoking Gorilla Glue weed


This is where the Gorilla Glue 4 strain comes into its own. The smoke will be smooth but will knock you back once you get a heavy hit of the powerful indica high. Make sure you have your plans cleared for the evening and some munchies close by, so that you can sink into your sofa and enjoy the euphoric pain numbing effect of this beautiful strain.

After smoking Gorilla Glue 4 you will feel euphoric and uplifted forgetting about the stresses of your day. It is thanks to the heavy hitting, relaxing effect that the strain is often used by people that suffer with insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. Because of its high THC content, it is also an effective appetite stimulant which makes it a great strain for those suffering from a loss of appetite.

Taste and aroma

The Gorilla Glue 4 strain will give off a strong earthy but sour aroma when in flower, so it is certainly not a strain for stealth grows. Sharing a lot of the taste and smell profiles of Chocolate Diesel the strain gives users flavors of mocha and coffee, this is followed by a long-lasting aftertaste of sour berries and diesel.

Growing Gorilla Glue 4 seeds

Being a 50/50 hybrid there are a couple of different phenotypes of the Gorilla Glue 4 strain. Most of the plants will grow relatively tall reaching around 180 – 200cm with large dense buds that are covered in THC rich trichomes. Plants may need trimming to keep them from growing too wild, especially if you are growing indoors or in a confined space. Trimming the plant will allow it to produce bigger more solid buds when it is in flowering.

The Gorilla Glue 4 strain is not well suited to cold environments, so try to protect it as much as possible from excessive rain, frost and cold nights. The ideal temperature for Gorilla Glue 4 is 80 °F however this can be lowered to around 75 °F to replicate the gradual end of summer. If you want to grow big yielding healthy plants though make sure the night time temperatures do not drop below 10 °F.

The plants should begin to flower in around week 8 or 9 at which point you will see the fast development of the dense buds and surrounding pistols.

Additional information

THC content



500-600 g/sm

Flowering time

8-10 weeks


Tall: 180-220 cm




Calming, Couch lock, Giggly, Head stone, Pain numbing, Psychedelic


Spicy, Sweet



Strain type


Pack(s) of

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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