Hash Plant Feminized Seeds

Hash Plant is a ground breaking cannabis strain, as it achieves the perfect blend between indica and Sativa. A Hash plant is straightforward to grow thanks to its short, compact structure. She is a low-maintenance variety with high yield potential, primarily when grown inside.

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Hash Plant seeds information

Hash Plant is a hybrid of two legendary Indica strains, California Hash Plant and Northern Lights. The Californian strain gave it the size, solid buds, and hardy attitude, while Northern Lights gave it its floral aroma, high resin production, and softness. This strain’s characteristics, as well as its short flowering time and high yields, make it a must-try!

The strain is a 90% Indica-10% Sativa strain that grows in a fashion much like Big Bud. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor growing in warm climates. It has a THC content ranging from 14 to 17 percent and a CBD content ranging from 2.5 to 2.8 percent. Hash Plant, like her parents, is highly resistant to mold, pests, and disease.

Smoking Hash Plant weed


The effects are primarily cerebral, but they are also physical. The euphoria is calming and relaxing. Hash Plant promotes mental alertness, energy, and clarity of thought and perception. She calms irritability, anger, or tension. Additionally, her calming effect can treat sleeping problems related to PTSD, PMS, or even insomnia related to pain relief medication. The high is strangely similar to hash’s because the effects do not cause the notorious paranoia often associated with standard cannabis buds.

This is one of the strains with many therapeutic uses due to her moderate THC content and psychoactive effect, which makes her very suitable for fighting insomnia, depression, anxiety, and chronic pains.

Taste and aroma

For the smoker seeking an authentic taste and smell sensation, Hash Plant is a gem. Thick green nuggets coated in crystals, the hash plant has an aroma likened to the ganja of Afghanistan. Indulge your taste buds in cannabis buds that are savory with floral overtones; inhale deeply to relish the scents of exotic hash.

The discreet and robust strain is an excellent choice for those who like the potent and classic Afghan buzz. A popular strain, this easy-to-grow variety is known for its sweet Afghan hashish scent and sharp, spicy flavor.

Growing Hash Plant seeds

For all levels of experience, even for novice growers, this is an ideal plant to grow indoors or outdoors. Her flowering time is around 8-10 weeks for an average harvest of 600 g/m2. The strain has a strong, woody smell with an intense aroma that penetrates the room where it’s grown.

Hash Plant is a gardener’s dream plant. It can grow outside in a mild climate or be grown inside a tent or greenhouse. Highly recommended for beginners to expert gardeners, it shows good resistance to pests and diseases and is proven to produce well even under less than ideal conditions.

Hash Plant marijuana strain yields vigorous, Indica-shaped marijuana plants with short internode spacing and dense, compact branches. As a result, you will get a very generous crop of extremely hard compact buds.

Its buds are covered in a thick layer of resin that resembles small pieces of dark amber. This Indica-dominant variety has medium-sized, rough, and tough leaves. They turn a brownish-green color with purple stripes during the flowering stage. The calyxes –on the other hand –develop a pistachio green shade, making this bud even more attractive.

Additional information

THC content



300-400 g/sm

Flowering time

8-10 weeks


Medium: 100-180 cm




Calming, Head stone, Sleepy


Earthy, Sour, Woody



Strain type


Pack(s) of

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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