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It was only a decade ago that the strongest strains of weed were around 20 – 23% THC. Now considered old school, strains such as Super Lemon Haze and G13 were blowing people away with their potency and winning cups in the process. Fast forward to 2022 and cannabis genetics have come a long way. With the constant demand for high THC strains, breeders have been hard at work genetically engineering the freaks of nature that us THC chasers are desperately trying to get our hands on. But ten years on from Super Lemon Haze recording 22.64% THC as the most potent lab tested strain of 2012, what are the highest THC strains in 2022?

What are the 10 highest THC cannabis strains of 2022

Gorilla Glue

Although not exactly a new strain, Gorilla Glue truly stands the test of time and can hold its own against any other bud when it comes to lab tests. Created by crossing Sour Dubb, Chems Sister and Chocolate Diesel; three potent strains, Gorilla Glue was always going to be a beast. With THC levels of up to 32% the extreme potency leaves smokers glued to the sofa after just a few puffs. Unmoved two years running, Gorilla Glue still holds the title as the highest THC strain of 2022, however, this year there are a few others that have joined it at the top. 

Smokers will feel an instant high and a strong feeling of euphoria that will make you relaxed to the core. It has a relaxing effect that will take you into the world of fantasy. The pine and diesel flavor makes you want more every time. 

Conditions like insomnia, body pain, migraine, and cramps can be best dealt with by smoking Gorilla Glue Seeds. End your day with a few puffs of Gorilla and go into a deep soothing sleep to relax your body. The exhaustion of a hectic day will go within a few minutes after consuming it.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a strain known for its impressively high THC content. Having been perfected over three versions, hence the ‘3’ in its name. It was the third and final version of Bruce Banner that became famous for its highly potent THC levels reaching up to 32%. Taking its name from the famous superhero as you may have guessed, Bruce Banner is not only a knockout smoke but also has yields of up to 500g per square meter.

With two legendary parents (OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel) its no wonder that Bruce Banner is one of the most potent strains ever created. After the first inhale you will instantly experience an intense high that gives you a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. This should be your go-to bud if you want relief from body pain. 

Bruce Banner #3 has a diesel and earthy aroma with citrusy flavors. Apart from the delicious flavor, the best thing about this strain is that it’s easy to grow and maintain indoors, and it gets mature in just 9 to 10 weeks.

Purple Punch

You might have heard of Granddaddy Purple; as the name suggests, it is the daddy of Purple Punch, which was created by crossing Grandaddy Purple with Larry OG. The resultant Purple Punch is rich in THC, which has been recorded at up to 25% with around 1% CBD. It is an Indica dominant strain with a high that strongly affects the mind and body. 

Not to forget about its flavor, Purple Punch has a pleasant fruity taste of grapes that is delicately balanced by notes of vanilla and blueberry. 

Purple Punch provides a relaxed, euphoric high that is perfect after a long day at the office. The plant can be grown easily indoors as it grows to an average height of 100 – 180cm. This amazing hybrid strain has a flowering time of eight to ten weeks so if you start growing now you won’t have to wait too long for that delicious bud to ripen.


With two highly potent parents it’s no surprise that Do So Dos is such a high THC strain With THC levels of 25 – 30% even the weaker phenotypes will pack a serious punch. A popular strain for those in warm climates, Do Si Dos is pest and mold resistant to a certain degree making it ideal for beginner growers too. 

She grows into a medium height bushy plant with a dense foliage and plenty of high quality buds in flowering.

Being an indica dominant hybrid Do Si Dos is a perfect strain for those suffering from appetite loss, insomnia, depression or anxiety.

Tropicana Cookies

Crossing Purple Punch and Tropicana cookies gives us the legendary Tropicana Cookies which is around 24% THC. It has an 8 to 10 week of flowering time and grows into a typical hybrid plant roughly 100 – 180cm tall. The high-quality genetics of this plant produce a creamy and fruity taste on smoking. 

Though the yield produced by this strain is pretty moderate, we love how this Sativa dominant plant has uplifting effects. The high is intense and hits you quickly, providing almost instant relaxation making it an excellent strain for anyone suffering with insomnia or chronic pain.

GMO Cookies

A potent cross of two popular parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. GMO Cookies produces around 20-25% THC and carries many of the characteristics of its cookies heritage. With this it brings a sweet candy like flavor, making it a moreish smoke. Although go easy on smoking GMO Cookies, a strain this potent will have you couch locked in no time.

This Indica dominant strain is ideal for chronic pain such as arthritis. With its fast acting & relaxing effect it will be overcome with an incredible sense of relief from the stresses of the day.



One of the more recent strains Runtz was first created in 2017 but has been in such high demand since that the genetics have been almost impossible to come by. One of the strongest strains of weed, the super high THC strain Runtz, packed a whopping 29% THC in recent tests.

Created by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez, Runtz has all of the flavor and sweetness of candy but don’t be fooled as this strain packs one hell of a punch. The indica high gives you a hard hitting head rush, followed by a calming effect on the whole body, staying there for a long time. It is an ideal strain for a night time smoke if you want a really deep sleep. Just don’t forget to set your alarm clock though, as Runtz could have you sleeping for weeks.

Growing this strain at home is fairly easy, but remember it prefers warmer climates and gets mature in just 8 to 10 weeks from flowering so ideally planting in early summer is best.

Ice Cream Cake

Although not the highest THC strain on our list Ice Cream Cake deserves a mention purely because of the incredible taste. Weighing in at 23% THC you might think that Ice Cream Cake is somewhat mediocre when compared to the likes of Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue, however, let’s not forget that just 10 years ago this would have been on par with the strongest cannabis strain out there.

If you want a strain that is not just a THC monster, but also has all the flavor and aromas of a true connoisseur’s bud, then Ice Cream Cake should not be passed by. With notes of lavender, orange and vanilla you will be left drooling for more and ready to hit the ice cream parlors with a serious case of the munchies.

Ice Cream Cake grows to medium height but still manages to give a nice yield. This makes it easier to grow both indoors and outdoors.


Another hybrid strain with extraordinary characteristics, Mimosa is the result of crossing Clementine and Purple Punch. With THC levels reaching a staggering 30% Mimosa is one of the strongest cannabis strains you are likely to smoke.

The euphoria produced by Mimosa gives you relief from pain and makes you more focused and attentive. Consuming a small amount of it before starting on your daily tasks is a smart approach. You can never say no to the blissful citrusy cocktail puff of this strain having woody floral and earthy notes. 

Mimosa is a Sativa dominant strain that grows best in Temperate warm climates. The average maturing time of this strain is eight weeks, and it grows to a medium height.

How does THC get you high?

THC interferes with the hippocampus which is the part of the brain responsible for making memories. As soon as THC enters the body, it produces a reaction that causes the cells in the hippocampus to secrete dopamine creating an intense feeling of euphoria. 

Because of the many medical benefits of THC many countries, including the US, Canada and most recently Thailand have legalized the use of marijuana for both recreational; and medicinal purposes. 

Potency varies from strain to strain and there are lots of other elements that affect the high we experience, however, it is widely thought that THC levels are the main driving factor. This is most likely because of the way that THC affects the body and brain. Similar to when we drink alcohol, the higher the percentage of THC in weed that is consumed, the faster it is absorbed into the bloodstream and the quicker and more intoxicated we become. Which is why THC is widely used medicinally for ailments such as chronic pain, appetite loss and insomnia.

How can you improve your high?

If you’re sitting there reading this and thinking, well I am already smoking the highest THC strains possible and still not getting high anymore, then maybe it is because your tolerance levels have increased. Similar to when we drink alcohol, the more often that we smoke weed the more tolerant our bodies become to its effects.

If you have tried smoking the most potent weed strains and want more of a boost, don’t worry there are lots of ways that you can elevate your highs to new levels.

Ways to add potency to your smoke:

  • Try adding concentrates and extracts to your join. Such as shatter or THC Diamonds.
  • Try a different method of smoking such as a bong, vaporiser, pipe or blunt.
  • Try consuming high potency edibles.

Ways to make your high more intense:

  • Try drinking alcohol while you smoke.
  • Try having a tolerance break.
  • Try smoking after a workout.
  • Try eating mangoes while you get high.

What is considered high THC?

With cannabis strains constantly evolving, the benchmark for what is considered a high THC strain is moving year on year. What once was the most potent strain in 2012, doesn’t even make it into our top ten highest THC strains 2022 list. So right now what is the benchmark of a high THC strain?

Where is THC found on cannabis plants?

Almost all THC on cannabis plants is produced and stored inside its trichomes. If you have ever held a cannabis bud, trichomes are the small sticky appendages that look like tiny white hairs found mostly on the flower, but can also be found in smaller numbers on the sugar leaves and stem.

THC Chart of potency

THC percentagePotency Level (according to MSC)
0-5% THC Very Low Potency – these strains are usually high CBD medical strains, or used in countries with laws that restrict THC levels.
5% – 10% THCLow potency – strains within this range are also usually used as medical strains with a 1:1 or 2:1 THC/CBD ratio, for example our Harlequin contains around 9% THC and 10-15% CBD.
10% – 15% THCLow medium potency – strains that fall into this category would most likely be old school genetics and landraces such as Afghan and Mazar as well as autoflowers tjat generally have a slightly lower potency.
15% – 20% THCMedium potency – what would have been a potent strain 10 – 15 years ago strains such as AK47 and Chemdog are not in the medium potency range.
20% – 25% THCHigh medium potency – Still enough THC to knock back the most seasoned smokers, the likes of Girl Scout Cookies and Mimosa fall into this category.
25% – 30% THCHigh THC potency – All of the strains in our top ten list can fall into this category, however at these sort of levels it is really down to how well the strain is grow and when it is harvested.
30% + THCSuper high potency – Only a handful of strains have ever been lab tested at over 30% THC, Gorilla Glue and Bruce Banner among them. If you ever smoke bud that is on or over the 30% mark it is likely to be the one of the highest THC strains you will ever smoke.

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