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There are lots of different methods to germinate marijuana seeds, read our guide below to find which method suits you the best.

The process of germinating marijuana seeds is to enable the seed to begin to sprout more easily. While germinating your seed a tap root will emerge. This is your plants first root and is the beginning of the seeds journey In to a fully flowered plant.

Germinating your seed properly is essential to producing healthy and heavy budding plants, and there are a few different variables to consider when undertaking this process.

Five keys to germinate marijuana seeds?

  1. Moisture – Seeds need to be kept moist during the germination process. Once the taproot is showing it will be hungry for water, therefore it is important to ensure it has some.
  2. Warmth – Another variable to be aware of is to keep your seeds in a warm environment. Seeds germinate better and ore efficiently in warmer but not overly hot temperatures. Seeds will germinate in cooler environments, but the process may take longer.
  3. Darkness – Seeds are best kept in darkness during the germinating period. It is not until the taproot is clearly showing from the seed that you need to give it light.
  4. Germination Medium – Seeds will all need something to germinate in, whether that be soil, rockwool or cotton wool. Make sure you choose the right germination medium and read up on the pros and cons of each before you go ahead. Cannabis seeds are delicate, so as not to put all of your eggs in one basket what some people prefer to do is use a range of germination mediums, this way you can test what works best for you and you will negate any risk of damaging all of the seeds at once.
  5. Care – Marijuana seeds need to be treated with care and consideration. The young seeds are delicate so it is imperative you take care when handling the germinating seeds especially when the taproot has formed and your are transferring them to your growing medium.

How to germinate marijuana seeds?

Direct to soil

how to germinate marijuana seeds direct to soil

Planting straight into your growing medium of choice is one of the simplest ways to germinate marijuana seeds. This process is just as nature intended with the seed sprouting and the taproot forming within the growing medium. The advantage to planting your seed directly in to the growing medium is that the young seedling roots will noot get damaged during transportation. To do this you need to simply plant the seed 0.5-1 inches down in whatever your growing medium of choice is (soil, coco coir or other soilless products), keeping it moist but not soaking, and warm, either under a light or using a heating pad. Within 3-7 days the seed will hatch and the taproot will begin grow. This method is perfect for beginners.

Paper towels

germinate marijuana

Another popular way to germinate marijuana seeds is to use the wet paper towel method. This is another simple method which involves placing the seed between 2 pieces of wet paper towel and storing in a warm environment. It is important to ensure that the paper towels do not dry out as this will kill the seed. A way of protecting against this happening is to place the paper towels between 2 plates (see diagram). This will keep the towels moist. Check on the germinating seed every 12 hours or so, once you see the tap root begin to sprout it is time to plant the seed root facing down in the growing medium. The risk of this type of germinating technique is damaging the root when transporting it from the paper towels to the pot. So take extreme care when doing so.

Glass of water

how to germinate marijuana

Placing the seed directly in to a glass of water is another easy straight forward way to germinate marijuana seeds. This process just requires putting the seed or seeds in to a slightly warm (room temperature) glass of water (ideally a clear drinking Glass as it will enable you to clearly see the progress of the seed) and leaving it for around 24-32 hours. Any longer then this amount of time the seeds may drown and will not work anymore. After 32 hours if the taproot has not sprouted remove the seeds and place in a moist environment (such as the paper towel method) to finish the germination process. As with other methods once the taproot has formed place the seed root down in to your growing medium taking care not to damage the root.

Once you have successfully germinated your seeds and have a batch of seedlings have a read of our guides on flowering and vegging, harvesting & training your plants to guide you through the next stage of your growing journey.

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