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When you order cannabis seeds online buying in packs of three, five and ten can often mean you have seeds left over because of the limited space in your grow room, which means storing them till your next grow. Leaning how to Store marijuana seeds correctly is important to improve both their lifespan and also to give you the best chance possible of germinating them. Cannabis seeds are very delicate and can easily be affected by even the slightest environmental changes so storing seeds correctly is essential to their well-being.

Environmental factors that affect seeds

  • Moisture – If seeds come into contact with even a small amount of moisture it can trigger them to germinate prematurely or become mouldy.
  • Light – Light exposure can affect the tissues inside the side the seed causing them to mutate.
  • Temperature – If exposed to temperatures above or below room temperature for prolonged periods of time seeds can be damaged which may affect germination.

how to store marijuana seedsHow to correctly store seeds

  • Keep them dry – The first and most important rule is to keep the seeds dry. To do this store them inside an airtight container with a rubber seal. Such as a glass jar or plastic clip lunchbox.
  • Keep them cool – Warmth can also encourage germination so keep the seeds at a comfortable temperature, ideally if you are storing for long periods of time you should keep them in a refrigerator at 5-6 degrees Celsius
  • Keep them in the dark – Light can encourage seeds to come out of their dormant state, so keep them in dark to prevent them prematurely germinating.
  • Keep them protected – Avoid crushing or damaging them – Although it may sound obvious cannabis seeds are very delicate and can easily be crushed so keep them inside a protective container and not just a plastic bag.
  • Keep the clean – Before handling seeds or tipping them onto any make sure your hands and the surface are clean and dry to avoid any contamination or contact with moisture.

Storing seeds correctly is just as important as using the correct germination methods, read our guide to germination for more information on the best methods of germination to achieve good success rates.


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