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Thinking of taking a trip to the beautiful Caribbean island that is Aruba? Before you go there and light up that joint, best check the cannabis laws in the region. Is weed legal in Aruba? Short answer: No, but lets take a closer look Aruba’s stance on marijuana, the potential for future legalization, and some quirky facts about the island’s cannabis culture. So, let’s dive in!

The history of marijuana in Aruba

Marijuana has brought up heated debates in Aruba for years even more so since its more liberal government came into power in 2017. Some local policymakers have recently suggested discussing legalizing it for medical use. This has caused disagreements between stakeholders who worry about enforcing laws against it, as cannabis is still a controlled substance globally.

Drug use is quite common in Aruba and many of the locals have dealt with issues such as addiction and so the general attitude towards weed from the public is maybe not quite as bad as what the law suggests.

Pro Tip: Cannabis laws differ in each country. Before travelling, check local regulations to prevent legal issues.


Strict drug laws are in place in Aruba, including for recreational weed. Possession, use and sale of marijuana is illegal, and can result in imprisonment. Aruba follows a zero-tolerance policy to protect public health and safety. Medical marijuana legalization is being considered, so the law might be revised in the future. Visitors should respect the country’s rules and regulations, or else they could face legal complications.

Aruba weed the laws on possession and growing?

Aruba has strict laws concerning marijuana. If you are found with even a small amount, you could face jail time, hefty fines, and a record that could harm your future job prospects. Growing weed for personal use or sale is totally prohibited.

Hotspots with drug-related activities and establishments still exist, even though locals are not happy about it.

Before travelling abroad, educate yourself on the local laws and be responsible while exploring different cultures.

What is the Law on possession in aruba?

Aruba’s law on having marijuana is clear: it’s a no-no. No cultivation, sale, or transportation of weed is allowed. If you are found with any amount of cannabis, you could be fined or detained.

Plus, zero-tolerance for drugs! Being caught with cannabis can mean severe consequences – so tourists, stay away from marijuana on the island! If caught, there’s no way to defend yourself against the law. Minor offences usually just get a fine.

In the past, The Netherlands Antilles allowed ‘soft drugs’, such as cannabis, to be used for personal use till 2010. But then they reversed the policy and began to punish drug dealers and users.

is it legal to grow weed in aruba?

Growing cannabis is a criminal offense in Aruba. Possessing, selling, and transporting marijuana without a license from the Ministry of Health are all prohibited. Punishments for breaking the law vary; ranging from fines to lengthy prison sentences.

The Aruban government takes its drug laws seriously, with routine checks at ports and airports to prevent smuggling. Visitors should be aware that drug-related offenses can lead to deportation and a permanent ban from entering the country.

Locals and tourists should both be aware that Aruba’s legislation on cannabis use applies to them. Even if you come from a place where marijuana use is legal, that doesn’t mean it’s okay here.

WHat is the Law on trafficking and supplying

The regulations surrounding the sale and distribution of weed in Aruba are strict, with harsh punishments for those who break the law. This includes both recreational and medicinal use, trafficking and supplying. Those found guilty can face jail time up to 12 years or a hefty fine. It is also illegal to cultivate marijuana in Aruba, with the same consequences as illicit distribution.

It is important to respect these laws no matter your opinion on marijuana legalization. Possession, transportation, consumption – all potentially lead to criminal charges. Thus, seeking permission before bringing in marijuana or related products is a must.

Recently, there have been reports of a rise in drug-related cases, even though Aruba is not known for such activities. The Department of Justice and Security are working to keep these offenses away, with increased detection at borders and checkpoints. So, don’t be tempted to bring your own goodies to Aruba.


Aruba has strict laws on narcotics, including edibles. It is illegal to bring any amount of marijuana into the country and you could be considered smuggling if you do so. Customs officers search all people and baggage upon arrival at the Queen Beatrix International Airport. Penalties for importing narcotic substances can be severe, so it is best to avoid bringing cannabis-infused products into Aruba.
Consuming or possessing any amount of marijuana is a criminal offence. Anyone caught with it is subject to punishment, up to 8 years in prison. Even though medical certain marijuana is legal according to the 2019 law amendment, it cannot be imported into Aruba. Medication containing more than trace amounts of THC is strictly prohibited.


In North Aruba, marijuana is illegal for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Many locals still commonly use it in spite of this, as with other Caribbean countries. But be careful if you’re a traveler–bringing narcotics into the country can lead to big penalties.
The government hasn’t taken any steps to decriminalize cannabis for medical use. So, possession or usage of marijuana is still prohibited. Worldwide, though, there’s a pushback against this legal stance and many countries have legalized it for therapeutic and personal uses.

Can you purchase weed in Aruba?

Despite the laws, some may still try to buy it illegally. This is not only against the law but could also be dangerous. It is advised that tourists should stay away from drugs in Aruba. Legally you will only be able to purchase CBD based products with a THC percentage below 0.2%.

With that being said, cannabis is fairly common in Ariba and those that do purchase weed usually find a dealer around one of the local bars of beaches, however, this usually comes a quite a hefty price (especially to tourists) and most likely won’t be the same standard of bud you are used to back home.

Considering the weed is most probably going to be over priced and sub-standard it really isn’t worth the risk in Aruba with the laws on possession so strict.

Is weed likely to become legal in Aruba?

Despite Arubas strict laws on cannabis, in 2019 the government did make a move towards legalising some CBD products, providing they contain less that 0.2% THC.

With a more liberal government now in place in Aruba, although there has been no real sign of legalization yet, the government has discussed it and in 2020 they made a statement that they are working on laws to to potentially legalize cannabis in the future for medicinal purposes. Since then very little has actually changed, however the attitude in Aruba seems to be softening and it looks like they could follow in the footsteps of some other Carribean countries in the near future.

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