Mimosa Feminized Seeds

When you think of a mimosa drink, images of brunch, weddings, and first-class service pop up. This rare strain is no different from its namesake; it is an excellent pick-me-up choice to brighten your day. The Mimosa strain represents contemporary strains, having been bred in 2018. It has built itself a stellar reputation within those few years, bagging the 2nd place position at the cannabis cup competition in 2018. This strain is fast-gaining a reputation as an excellent party/social strain.

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Mimosa seeds information

Mimosa’s genetics leans more on the Sativa side at 70%. The THC levels range between 11% and 30%, so caution is advised for amateur and experienced consumers alike. Ensure you consult a budtender to find out the potency to avoid overdosing. To get Mimosa, breeders crossed the revered Purple Punch and the delicious Clementine strain.

The strain’s family line is filled with legendary strains like Granddaddy Purple, Larry OG, Tangie, and Lemon Skunk, which tell you you are in for an unforgettable ride. The Mimosa strain makes an ideal afternoon smoke, great to set you up for a nice deep sleep.

Smoking Mimosa weed


With Mimosa, you are guaranteed instant cerebral effects that keep you focused, social, euphoric, and happy. While out with friends or family, this strain will keep you upbeat and open to fun and making memories. One may experience occasional smiles and giggles.

The body-centered high is mild and keeps one relaxed throughout. However, when Mimosa is taken in high doses, the Indica side takes over, and the consumer is overwhelmed with sedation and drowsiness.

This hybrid is ideal for anyone with attention deficit conditions, such as ADD and ADHD, thanks to its ability to promote focus and creativity for long hours. The energy boost helps fight off fatigue and keeps consumers motivated and active.

Patients with mental disorders, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, can highly benefit from this strain’s ability to alleviate the negative feelings and replace them with positive, happy vibes. In high doses, Mimosa helps relieve pain and nausea. It also helps individuals with eating-related issues by boosting their appetite.

Taste and aroma

The Mimosa strain emits an enticingly sweet and sour scent that blends perfectly with the woody, floral, earth, and herbal hints. Immediately one starts to break the bud down, the aroma hits the roof of the nasal cavity, leaving the consumer anticipating a toke.

The flavor is similar to the drink it is named after. This strain is the ultimate palate-pleaser with its sweet and sour taste and hints of tantalizing, delicious fruit. Upon exhaling, one will detect some notes of berry. There is no better way to spend your afternoon than enjoying this treat (with some company, of course).

Growing Mimosa seeds

This strain is definitely an eye-pleaser with its bright purple exterior. The nugs are dense, medium-sized, and round while the leaves are light-green, huge, and spade-shaped. Numerous dark orange pistils can be spotted throughout the bud, adding to its aesthetic appeal. A thick layer of white, crystalline trichomes covers the entire nug.

Mimosa seeds produce an average-sized plant with moderate cultivation difficulty. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and harvested after 9 weeks of flowering or at the end of October. The yield is impressive at 700 g/m2 indoors and 1000+g per plant outdoors.

One feature that stands out in this strain is its enticing and highly-coveted terpene profile. As a grower, ensuring that the terpenes shine through is essential. To enrich the aroma and flavor of the Mimosa strain, ensure that the soil you use is high-quality. Cultivators should also supplement it with essential micro and macronutrients to help the plant during the various growth stages (vegetative and flowering).

Additional information

THC content



500-600 g/sm

Flowering time

8-10 weeks


Medium: 100-180 cm




Happy, Energetic, Uplifting


Citrus, Fruity, Woody



Strain type


Pack(s) of

5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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