At MSC we have a world beating selection of some of the best regular cannabis genetics. Often the preferred choice by many old school growers or anyone wanting to breed, regular cannabis seeds are as mother nature intended and produce on average a 50:50 ratio of male to female plants. With numerous benefits, the most obvious being price, are regular seeds right for your grow?

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What are regular cannabis seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds often referred to as ‘male weed seeds’ are simply cannabis seeds grown the natural way. Cannabis plants grow into either male or female plants, female plants have flowers which are most commonly known as buds, and male plants produce pollen sacks. As the plants reach maturity the pollen sacks burst and release tiny pieces of pollen that stick to the female flowers and pollinate them. This causes the process of reproduction to begin and the female flowers begin to produce seeds. These are regular seeds, and this cycle continues year after year.

Feminised seeds vs regular – What is the difference?

Put simply regular seeds can grow to become either a male or female plant, there is no way to tell prior to planting which sex it will grow into. Approximately 4 – 6 weeks after germination when the plant has produced around five or six internodes, you will start to see the first signs of sex. Male plants begin to produce pollen sacks that look like sacks or ironically a plant version or testicles. Female plants begin to produce pre-flowers which are known as pistils and look like a pair of white hairs that grow out of a green calyx in a ‘V’ shape. 

The main difference between male and female weed seeds is that female plants produce smokable flowers that we know and love, whereas male plants do not. Unless you are growing for breeding purposes male plants are pointless and should be culled as soon as possible to prevent them from pollinating any female plants.

feminized vs regular seeds

What happens if my female plants are pollinated?

Again unless you are growing for breeding purposes you really don't want your female plants being pollinated. Once they are pollinated they will begin to focus their energy on producing seeds. The result of this will be weed that is full of seeds, which isn't very nice to smoke at all. Besides from having to pick out hundreds of tiny seeds it will also be much lower in THC and wont taste or smell as pleasant.

What are the benefits to growing with regular seeds?

Organic – Feminized seeds are produced by the process of colloidal silver, whereby the parent plant is sprayed with a substance that causes the offspring to only be able to produce females. Many old school growers or advocates of organic growing prefer to grow with regular seeds because they see them as more natural. Whilst it is true that the genetics of feminized seeds have been altered, there is no evidence to show that there is any difference in the outcome of the weed.

Cheaper – Because feminized seeds cost more to produce, the price of the seeds are typically 2 – 3 times that of the equivalent regular strain. So if you are on a budget and you are confident in your ability to pull out any male plants before they get a chance to pollinate the rest of your crop you could make yourself quite a saving.

Breeding – The other reason that you may want to opt for growing with regular seeds is if you want to breed. By choosing two different regular varieties you could create your very own unique cross breed cannabis strain that nobody else has. This can be incredibly satisfying and is a great way to experiment once you have mastered all other aspects of growing marijuana, of course this is best left to highly experienced or commercial growers.

Tips For Growing Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular weed seeds are the same as feminized seeds when it comes to the germination process. However once the plants reach a certain age there are a few tips you should bare in mind:

Check often for male plants

As we have mentioned you do not want cross pollination ruining your crop. If you are growing regular seeds and not intending to breed, check your plants regularly. It is important to spot the early signs of a male plant to avoid cross pollination damaging your entire crop.

Use separate Growing areas

With the aim of preventing unintended cross pollination, those growing with regular seeds will often have two separate grow rooms. One for male plants and another for female plants. 

Use Fresh Pollen and Store Pollen in fridges

You can buy marijuana pollen online if you really want to breed but don't want to do the hard work involved with growing male plants. However, we advise for breeding purposes it is always best and cheapest to use your own home grown pollen. There are two methods to pollination:

1: Store pollen in jars and keep it refrigerated, then when you are ready to use it, lightly coat female flowers with pollen using a brush.

2: Surround a female plant with a few male plants so that pollination happens the natural way. 

Freeze Pollen for long term storage

Pollen can be easily collected from male plants by simply covering the pollen sacks with a plastic bag and shaking the plant, you can also just hold them over a plastic tray and shake them. Make sure that the containers you use to collect pollen are completely dry first though.

To store pollen for prolonged periods, you should freeze it. This is the best way to keep it fresh. You can do this by keeping it in a dry airtight container that you can then store in a freezer where it will remain fresh and viable for years to come.

Creating your own strains

If you are looking to breed and make your own cannabis strains, think carefully before you purchase your seeds about the kind of strain you create. Breeding with two strains such as Big Bud and G13 Haze could make a great cross of high yield and high THC. Whereas breeding desirable characteristics such as the mold resistance of a sativa strain could be great if you want to grow a particular sativa but live in a hot humid country.

Use tried and tested growing techniques

Regular seeds are identical to feminized seeds in the way they grow, so use the same tried and tested methods to grow them. Male plants do mature earlier however so be sure to keep a close eye on any that begin to produce pollen sacks. Typically you begin to see the first signs of a male plant appear around 2-4 weeks after switching the light cycle to 12/12.

Best rated regular seeds

Big Bud – Created with one purpose in mind, to produce big yields. Big Bud is the strain to grow if you want lots and lots of bud. Not the highest THC strain among our regulars though, but regardless of this the high is great and you will have a plentiful supply of good quality weed.

Thai Stick – One of our most popular strains, Thai Stick is a landrace sativa that is an ideal strain to grow if you live in a subtropical climate. The natural structure of this plant lends itself a certain level of mold resistance. However, for anyone growing this indoor be prepared to do some LST to maintain its height, she can grow up to 20 feet if grown outdoors.

Cheese – If you want some original UK Cheese then this is the strain of choice for you. In the late 90’s Cheese swept across the UK and if you bought any weed on the street during this period it was probably this. It has a distinctive cheese aroma and this combined with the incredible strength and taste caused an surge in demand, and UK Cheese’s legendary status was born.