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If you are new to growing cannabis then it is important you understand the basics of growing regular vs feminized seeds. All marijuana seeds in nature start their life as regular seeds. Regular seeds can grow to become either a male or female plant, the main difference being that male plants produce pollen sacks whereas female plants produce flowers which are the buds that are commonly used to smoke. Most seedbanks will have the option to purchase both, however most people prefer feminized seeds because 99% of the time they will grow into female plants, therefore you are almost guaranteed to grow a plant that produces bud.

Pro’s and Con’s of Regular vs Feminized Seeds

Pro’s of Regular seeds:

  • When comparing the price of regular vs feminized seeds, regular seeds are typically around half of the cost.
  • They are completely natural, meaning that they have not gone through any process to change the outcome of whether or not you get a male or female plant.
  • They can be used for breeding purposes.

 Con’s of Regular Seeds:

  • If like most growers your aim is to produce bud, you run the risk of ruining your crop if a male plant pollinates the females.
  • You have to be careful and pull out any male plants
  • Although much cheaper than feminized seeds, on average you will get 50% male and 50% female plants, so usually half of the crop is unusable unless you want to breed.

Pro’s of Feminized Seeds:

  • 99% of the time you will produce female plants and so you will not have to worry about pulling out any male plants or ruining your crop.
  • Although more expensive it is often a small price to pay if all of the plants are going to be females, as this is much more efficient and you will not waste time germinating and watering seedlings that could turn out to be males.
  • Much easier for beginners that may not spot the signs of a male plant.

Con’s of Feminized Seeds:

  • regular vs feminized seedsTo make a seed feminized the plant from which the seed has grown will have gone through an unnatural process such as colloidal silver to ensure that the plant that it produces is a female. Some people, prefer regular seeds for this reason as they are more organic.
  • They are a lot more expensive than regular seeds.

At the end of the day it comes down to a few deciding factors, why you are growing (bud or breeding), your budget and your level of experience. If you are reasonably inexperienced and you’re not confident that you can spot the early signs of a male plant I would recommend using feminized seeds. The same goes for anyone who may have the experience but may not have the time/dedication to continuously check the crop for males. However if you are a fairly experienced grower depending on your budget and how many ladies you plan to grow then it may well be worth while saving the cash and going for the cheaper regular seeds.

Choosing the right marijuana seeds is important and it is worthwhile investing some time into the decision process of growing regular vs feminized seeds so that you are happy with the end product. Why not have a read of our guide on to choosing the right seeds and the differences between Sativa, Indica and ruderalis.

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