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The Thai Stick strain was imported from Thailand into the US in the early 70’s and really gives smokers a high reminiscent of the original landrace strains. Thai Stick seeds are best grown in warm humid tropical environments, ideal for a greenhouse grow that helps to replicate these conditions.

Thai Stick Regular Seeds info

Thai Stick is essentially Thai landrace sativa, originally grown by the hill tribes of rural northern Thailand. It got its name from the large spliffs that were traditionally made using buds wrapped around bamboo sticks. 

Once the bud was harvested it was rolled around the bamboo sticks and stuck together using hash oil, it was then held in place with a wrap of banana leaf. What you ended up with was a huge cigar like spliff laced with hash oil that was incredibly potent and pure.

If you are a fan of the original pot that was smoked during the 70’s then you will love Thai Stick because it is a true landrace sativa.

Smoking Thai Stick weed


Thai Stick is everything you want from a landrace sativa. It isn’t the most potent strain with THC levels of around 15 – 18%, but fans of the original pot smoked in the 60’s and 70’s will love the uplifting sativa high. 

Thai Stick has a slow starting high gradually building up the more you smoke, starting with a relaxed feel and eventually leading into an uplifting sense of euphoria. Because of the mediocre THC levels it is an ideal strain for creatives, it isn’t too strong to function, yet leaves you feeling productive and alert. 

Similarly Thai Stick is a perfect strain for social occasions, with the mind often racing from thought to thought you will find yourself talking for hours before going into a relaxed lull as the high wears off. 

Thanks to its uplifting effects Thai Stick is a great strain for treating depression, stress and bipolar. As a stimulant it can really improve focus on what can sometimes be mundane tasks, making it a great strain for anyone suffering from ADHD. Once the high begins to wear off users will be left with a case of the munchies which could be beneficial to those that suffer from appetite loss.

Smell and Taste

The smell is reminiscent of Asia with strong herbal notes of pine and lemongrass with floral undertones. When smoked the brown buds give off a spicy taste that lingers on the tongue as you are hit with a skunky aftertaste. 

Growing Thai Stick seeds

Native to the jungles of Thailand, Thai Stick is best suited to warm humid tropical climates. Outdoor gardeners will find that it grows best in a greenhouse where the humidity is higher. 

Thai Stick is a tall lanky strain that is best grown outdoors where it can reach tremendous heights. The plant itself is a bright vibrant green color with long branches and typical long sativa fan leaves. The buds are long clusters of brown and orange popcorn buds covered in sticky trichomes.

Thai Stick is a long flowering strain taking up to 14 weeks to flower, however anyone patient enough to grow it will reap the benefits with some of the best tasting weed around.

If growing Thai Stick seeds indoors be aware that the strain can grow very tall, some training such as LST will help you keep the height under control whilst increasing the bud sites and yield of the plant.

Thanks to its tall and airy foliage the strain copes well under high humidity and rarely suffers with bud rot, however be sure to use a rotating fan inside your grow tent to keep the buds fresh if you are growing indoors.

THC content



300-400 g/sm

Flowering time

12-14 weeks


Tall: 180-220 cm




Appetizing, Energetic, Giggly, Uplifting


Citrus, Earthy, Spicy



Strain type


Pack(s) of

10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds


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