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Shine bright like a diamond – or is it THC diamonds? If you are a cannabis concentrate enthusiast, you have probably heard about the newest sensation, promising upto 99.9% THC content. If not, consider this article your gateway into everything you need to know about the most potent concentrate on the market.

This article covers crucial information such as what are THC diamonds, how to make, consume, and store them. We will also discuss the effects and safety of THC diamonds, and the difference between them and other cannabis concentrates.

Without further ado, let’s begin…

What are THC diamonds

THC diamonds are the most potent cannabis concentrate, comprising up to 99.9% THCA. The products are crystalline and shiny in nature, as hinted by their name. The diamond formation and the shiny appearance result from THCA being reduced to its purest state through a series of extraction and isolation techniques.

These diamonds provide a potent high unmatched by cannabis flowers, oils, or other concentrates. Due to their insanely high THC content when activated, these products are best suited for experienced concentrate consumers looking for an all-new, heightened experience. THC diamonds are three to four times more potent than regular cannabis flowers, so new consumers are advised against trying them as overdosing can lead to unwanted side effects.

Are THC diamonds the same as THCA diamonds?

Absolutely. THC diamonds and THCA diamonds refer to the same thing. THCA diamonds is the more accurate term as these crystalline structures are in fact, THCA. Only when heat is applied to a certain degree, the chemical structure of THCA is altered, releasing THC and its intoxicating effects.

What is THCA?

THCA is a cannabinoid acid, and is the precursor to THC. THCA is activated and releases THC when exposed to heat or light, a process known as decarboxylation. THCA does not have intoxicating effects.

Close up of THC diamonds in black and white

THC diamonds started appearing in various significant events in 2015, including that year’s High Times Cannabis Cup. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that they penetrated the market and began appearing in cannabis dispensaries in Arizona. Nowadays, they are sold in multiple states in the US and several other countries.

How are THC diamonds formed?

Just like you can collect kief, make some edibles, or make some bubble hash, you can create your own THC diamonds. In a manufacturing facility, extractors use fancy equipment to conduct flash chromatography, a technique that involves a series of processes, such as filtration, rotary evaporation, and purification. This process is referred to as flash chromatography.  

In other settings, THC diamonds are created through the diamond mining technique. Although the name suggests hard labor and hardcore mining equipment like shovels, it isn’t. The method involves intentionally creating diamonds using heat and pressure. Below is a step-by-step process of how to make THC diamonds.

Creating THC diamonds

What is used?

  1. Cannabis flowers
  2. Butane solvent
  3. vacuum chamber 
  4. Heat mat 
  5. Large filter

Step 1: Dissolve the plant material in butane to extract to create live resin or BHO rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Step 2: Filter out the plant material to remain with a mix of terpenes, cannabinoids, and butane. Conduct some light purging without the vacuum to eliminate most of the butane solvent. 

Step 3: Place the live resin in a mason jar and close it. Store it in a room with temperatures ranging from 26–28°C for 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, diamonds will form beneath a layer of liquefied terpenes (aka terp sauce). Ensure you burp the jars every few days to release the pressure inside. 

Step 4: Once you are content with the number of crystals inside the Mason jar, it is time to purge the mixture. Depending on the desired final product, you can do this before or after separating the crystals and the terp sauce. The terp sauce can be used as a product of its own or added to the THC diamonds to provide consumers a heightened experience, aka the entourage effect. 

Step 5: Put the Mason jar inside the vacuum chamber and set it at 15hg. Take the vacuum chamber and place it on the heating mat with temperatures set at 28°C. The terp sauce takes 60 hours to purge, while the THC diamonds take 72 hours. 

THC Diamonds in amber high terpene sauce
THC diamonds in a gold high terpene sauce

How are THC diamonds consumed?

THC diamonds can be consumed in a variety of ways. If you only want the medical benefits without getting high, you can infuse THC diamonds into beverages or edibles without heating them in advance. But if getting high is what you want, then you will need to utilize a heating element. This is because the diamonds actually contain THCA, not THC, as mentioned above. Exposing THCA to heat removes the extra carboxyl group on the compound to release the intoxicating THC.

The most common way to take THC diamonds is through dabbing or vaping. You can also crush the diamonds and sprinkle the powder on buds for smoking. 

To include THCA diamonds in your edibles, you must decarboxylate them to activate the THC first. Place the diamonds in a dish (oven safe) and place it in an oven for 30 minutes at between 250 °F (120 °C) to 300 °F (150 °C). Do keep an eye on them to make sure you don’t burn them. Once completed, allow the diamonds to cool off. You can then use them to make a wide range of edibles, such as gummies, chocolates, cakes, brownies, tea, smoothies, etc. The list is limited to your imagination.

What are the effects of THC diamonds?

Consuming unactivated THCA diamonds provides some of the same medical benefits as activated diamonds but without the intoxication effect. Studies suggest that they can help with slowing and preventing neurodegenerative diseases, and with treating conditions like colitis and IBS and seizure disorders

When THC diamonds are activated to release the psychoactive compound, THC, they interact with the human’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to alter the consumer’s coordination, memory, pleasure response, and perception. THC diamonds cause euphoria, improved moods, altered time perception, creativity, and increased motivation. Therapeutically, THC diamonds help with nausea, pain, sleep, stress, and appetite loss.

Depending on the method of consumption, the onset ranges between 10 and 90 minutes. Dabbing, vaping, and smoking provide the fastest onset, while edibles take up to 2 hours. The effects peak 30 to 60 minutes after the onset and last between 1 to 4 hours. In some instances, the effects can last 12 hours. Residual effects may be experienced 24 hours after consumption.

THC diamonds hit fast and hard. The soaring potency levels can easily knock out consumers who take high doses. The secret to enjoying this concentrate is to start small and increase the dosage gradually until you attain desired effects. As mentioned earlier, THC diamonds are three to four times as potent as cannabis flowers and almost twice as potent as some concentrates. The recommended initial dosage is 5 to 10mg for experienced cannabis consumers and 2.5 to 5mg for novice consumers. 

Are THC diamonds safe?

Like any other concentrate, THCA diamonds are generally considered safe for consumption. The only risk with THC diamonds is overdosing, due to the heightened potency of the product.

Taking too much THC diamonds will cause uncomfortable side effects, such as increased heartbeat, sweating, elevated blood pressure, hallucinations, extreme anxiety, and delusions. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse an overdose. The only solution is to remain calm until the effects wear down after a few hours. New or casual cannabis consumers should take the least dose possible until their bodies can take higher doses. 

Can you really get 99.9% THC diamonds?

Yes. When the extraction, filtration, separation/filtration, and purging processes are done precisely, the resulting product is THC diamonds with 99.9% purity. The potency and size of the diamonds depend on set temperatures, moisture levels, residual content, and terpene content. The market is flooded with hundreds of strains, each comprising different ratios of phytochemicals. Mastering the art of diamond mining guarantees better results. You may find some diamonds with 97% to 99% THC potency, but the good products should reach 99.9% purity. 

THC diamonds allow extractors to customize the final product to suit the needs of targeted consumers: they can be consumed as pure THC, blended with CBD or terpenes, or both. The unique products deliver desired impact, making THC diamonds an excellent choice for medical cannabis consumers. 

How to properly store concentrates

What makes THC diamonds so trendy? Their potency. It would be unfortunate if your THC diamonds’ potency and shelf-life were compromised due to improper storage. When you properly store your THCA diamonds, you can retrieve them after long durations without worrying if the quality is compromised.

Always avoid light, air, moisture, and heat as they are the sole culprits of concentrate degradation. Below are some of the ways you can store THC diamonds. 

Short-term storage options for THC diamonds

Silicone jars 

These are an excellent choice if you are looking for versatile, affordable, short-term storage. Silicone jars are easy to clean, and you can easily get any type of concentrate on and off. Since the market is flooded with silicone jars, always ensure you purchase medical-grade silicone to prevent contaminating the THC diamonds. 

Parchment paper

Parchment papers are widely used for short-term storage options. The only issue with this option is that it is limited to a few concentrates. You cannot store runny concentrates like distillates or THC diamonds with terp sauce. While storing the THC diamonds, ensure that the parchment paper is big enough to cover the concentrate fully. This helps to lock out the air, moisture, and any foreign matter that might interfere with the integrity of the 99.9% THCA crystalline. Keep the parchment paper in a cool, dark, and dry place. Place the parchment paper in a sealed food bag to store the diamonds for a few weeks. For long-term storage, place the parchment paper with THC diamonds in an airtight container.

Parchment paper can be used to store cannabis concentrates

Long-term storage options for THC diamonds


Warm environments affect the quality of all concentrates. If you have made a large batch of these crystalline concentrates, freezing provides a long-term solution (up to a year). Place the THC diamonds in a parchment paper or jar and vacuum seal them. This ensures that the extract stays protected from humidity. If you do not have a vacuum sealer, place the jar or parchment paper in a sealed bag. Take the sealed bag and put it in an airtight container. You can now put the diamonds in the freezer. 

Always allow the concentrate to attain room temperature after getting it out of the freezer before opening the seal. Doing so prevents moisture from condensing off the container into the freezer. THCA diamonds spiked with moisture/water produce a sizzling sound when dabbing, which can kill the buzz while enjoying your favorite concentrate.

Glass jar 

The glass jar size will depend on the amount of THCA diamonds you want to store. Ensure that the jar you pick does not leave space for air, as it can affect the quality of your THCA crystalline. Place the diamonds inside the jar, lock it tight, and store it in a cool, dark place. Maintain contant temperatures and check on the diamonds to ensure the lid is closed. 

Storage containers to avoid

Avoid using plastic containers as most concentrates tend to stick to them, making it impossible to remove the residue. If you buy concentrates in plastic containers, consider transferring them to silicone jars, parchment paper, or glass jars, depending on how long you want them to remain in storage.

What is the difference between THC diamonds and wax or shatter?

While reading this piece up to this point, it is assumed that you have gained immense knowledge on everything that is THCA diamonds-related. But, can you tell the difference between THC diamonds, wax, and shatter? Knowing the various concentrates in-depth allows you to select a product that matches your preferred consumption method and experience level. Below is a highlight of these differences. 

THC diamonds

This is the newest concentrate in town that guarantees a powerful high and a myriad of medical benefits. THC diamonds contain 99.9% THC, making them the most potent concentrates on the market. The name THC diamonds or THC crystalline comes from the appearance of the concentrate – diamond-like, shiny, and semi-transparent. THC diamonds can be sold alone or mixed with terpenes and other cannabinoids to form unique products to suit the individual needs of consumers. 

THC diambonds among cannabis buds
THC diamonds mixed with terpene sauce. You can still see its semi translucent colour here


Wax is made from extracted oils from cannabis plants. It is soft, opaque, and sticky, just like actual candle wax. This type of concentrate is popular due to its high THC content ranging from 80% to 90+%. 


Shatter refers to a type of cannabis concentrate that looks like amber/gold glass (hence the name). The glass-like consistency makes it brittle. This is one of the earliest concentrates to make it to the market, which makes it the go-to choice for concentrate enthusiasts. The THC content ranges from 80+%.

Cannabis shatter on parchment paper
The consistency of shatters is softer and more opaque than diamonds, and their shape is no crystals

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